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Boating Industry magazine, March 14, 2011

Dealership Software Advances Ease Integration, Increase Efficiency


As marine dealers adapt to ever-changing market conditions and work toward more efficient processes, the major players in sales, service and marina operations software continue to refine their products to make an even bigger impact on a dealership’s bottom line. New developments in Web-based technologies, along with nearly instant information updates and departmental integration have greatly expanded the software’s effectiveness. And on top of that, many of the platforms are easier to use and more intuitive than ever….

BiT Marine has expanded training opportunities to improve efficiencies and help quickly get the front-line users of its software up to speed. By implementing regular online group seminars, BiT helps staff share solutions, and introduces new hires to correct processes.

“One of the biggest challenges we are seeing at boat dealerships is their efforts to improve efficiency and communication while they are functioning with fewer staff,” said Ed MacFawn of BiT Marine. “As the economy slowed and dealers reduced personnel, they have been forced to improve efficiency in order to maintain the quality of service and customer satisfaction while continuing to drive profitability. As a result, we see many of them coming to BiT for training and for guidance on how to use best the tools available.”



Boating Industry magazine, January 30, 2009

Management Software Keeps Owners in Control


Edward MacFawn, president of BiT Marine Software Inc., believes in the value of an integrated customer service/CRM module that ties into every department with the ability to automatically generate follow-up, organize and manage multi-departmental marketing, prospecting, service and customer satisfaction campaigns. This can be a valuable tool to increase sales and market share with decreased costs….
“Organizing targeted sales and marketing campaigns to your customers and prospects in minutes instead of hours or days is among the most effective ways to increase sales and market share,” MacFawn says. “At the same time, utilizing customer satisfaction surveys to capture and respond to customer issues quickly will help to drive down costs and keep your customers coming back.”

While even the smallest dealers or repair shops generally have some sort of software, a non-industry, off-the-shelf product won’t address the particular needs of the marine industry, says BiT Marine Software’s MacFawn.
“What most of these dealers fail to realize is that a system like the BiT Marine Software DMS would not only pay for itself in a very short amount of time, but also increase sales, efficiency and market share, driving success and growth while making the business easier to manage,” says MacFawn.


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