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Sales and F&I Manager Software for Boat Dealers

If you are a Sales or Finance and Insurance (F&I) Manager at a boat dealership, you have a unique set of challenges when it comes to your Dealer Management System (DMS) requirements.  Your department is where you discover how truly integrated a DMS is, or you suffer the consequences if it isn't.  You need a lead management system to track prospects and the follow-up activity of your salespeople, accounting integration to accurately maintain cost, commission, sales tax and floorplan information.  The service department must be integrated to capture rigging costs and to receive requests for installation of accessories, and you need the ability to print finance, insurance and registration forms to get the customer efficiently and professionally out the door and on to the water.

BiT Marine Software allows you to accurately track what you have in stock, what you have on order, what you have on floorplan, and it allows you to quote a mix of in-stock and on-order boats, motors and trailers.

BiT's prospect management features allows your salespeople to easily keep a record of their emails, conversations and quotes to a prospect, so when a prospect calls the other store or another salesperson, you know what the prospect found interesting and what he was quoted.   And of course you can provide an attractive, professional quote.

BiT's Sales and F&I software is designed to:

  • Track prospects; what they are looking for, what they have to trade, and record emails and quotes they receive
  • Add a boat, up to 4 motors, and a trailer on a deal
  • Calculate complex sales tax on boats, motors and trailers
  • Create a rigging order and include the parts, labor and markup in deal profitability
  • Print title, registration and warranty forms
  • Calculate F&I reserve and sales commission(s) as part of the deal accounting
  • Keep your DMS and online inventory in synch
  • Track trades and their effect on profitability
  • Easily include extended service contracts and gap insurance
  • Fully integrate with the rest of the business using BiT Marine Software
  • Powerful custom report writer to create your own reports on demand, then export to excel or save to pdf

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