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Service Management Software for Boat Dealers, Marinas and Boat Yards

As a service manager, you need to juggle requests from all around.  You need to satisfy the customer, the GM and your technicians.  It's tough to balance the competing priorities.  

You need BiT Marine Software to help you focus your time where it is most valuable.  That means keeping your customers informed, providing the technicians with the parts and guidance to get the repairs done efficiently, and giving your boss the information he needs in an easy, accurate and timely manner so that he can help you where and when you need it most.

BiT's service management software is designed to:

  • Track technician time, both billable and actual hours
  • Easily change and view status of each work order
  • Utilize flat rates and packages
  • Present professional-looking repair orders with subtotals by task/section
  • Quickly access service history, so you don't have to dig around trying to find out the date and engine hours of the last repair
  • Make estimates, copy estimate to RO, copy RO to estimate
  • Create special orders created from the work order screen
  • Email or text customers to let them know their repair status
  • Fully integrate with the rest of the business
  • Powerful custom report writer to create your own reports on demand, then export to excel or save to pdf

Please explore our website to learn more about the features and benefits of BiT Marine Software, or contact us to schedule an online demo.